SpongeBob Mega Eggs Surprise 6/160g

Crack open the colossal Mega Eggs to discover a treasure trove of Bikini Bottom surprises. From mini SpongeBob figurines to stickers, collectibles, and more, each mega egg holds an epic assortment of surprises that will leave fans of all ages in awe.

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Get ready for a mega-sized adventure with the SpongeBob Mega Eggs Surprise – a colossal collection of surprises and delights inspired by the beloved characters from Bikini Bottom! These mega eggs aren’t just ordinary; they’re portals to a world where SpongeBob, Patrick, and the gang bring mega-sized fun and sweetness. Brace yourself for an epic unwrapping experience with the Mega Eggs Surprise!

Dive into mega-sized Bikini Bottom fun with the SpongeBob Mega Eggs Surprise. It’s not just a collection of mega eggs; it’s a mega-sized adventure that combines surprises, collectibles, and the joy of SpongeBob in a colossal celebration. Join SpongeBob, Patrick, and the entire Bikini Bottom crew as they bring mega-sized magic and sweetness to every epic egg!

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